Mission & Objectives


The mission of the Illinois River Road is to provide a living museum without walls that will enhance people's experience of the nature, history, archaeology and other intrinsic qualities of the byway, while providing and maintaining unique recreational and educational experiences for visitors and residents, and sustaining local communities' economies and quality of life.

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To protect and enhance the rich natural, historic and archaeological resources intrinsic to the Byway through appropriate infrastructure development and interpretation for enjoyment by Byway visitors and others now and in the future.


To help visitors to the Byway experience the historic connection between the Byway and the Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor including the link provided by the Canal Corridor to the Great Lakes; and to develop partnerships with the Canal Corridor Association and others for creating these connections.


To partner with other Illinois byway organizations including Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route, The Great River Road, and the Lincoln Highway for the purpose of providing a seamless network of byway visitor experiences.


To enhance visitors' experiences and to add value to the quality of life for residents of Byway communities by developing on-going activities, special events, amenities, and other attractions along the Byway.


To connect visitors and residents to the Byway's intrinsic qualities and help them to learn about, and explore, the nature, history, and archaeology of the region through consistent symbolic wayfinding and directional signage, educational programs, interpretive messages, and marketing initiatives including printed maps and itineraries, and a website with a clickable image map and itinerary planning capabilities.